SXSW Picks: Kid Congo Powers Will Rock You!

I’ve been  captivated by guitarist Kid Congo Powers ever since the first time I saw him playing with Knoxville Girls at the Crocodile in Seattle about 13 years ago. I think it was actually one of the first Seattle rock shows I ever went to -maybe that’s why I’ve had a fond feeling for him ever since! I’ve seen him at various shows over the years and you can imagine my surprise and delight when it turned out that his bass player (Kiki Solis) lives right here in Austin and we have mutual friends! I got to meet Kid last during last year’s SXSW and he is really quite lovely and gracious -and a fan of Chinese Medicine!

Last year we went to his Sunday night SXSW closing show and even though the crowd was tapped out from partying all week, Kid brought the house down with an amazing set! Kid puts on a GREAT show (the whole band always wears matching outfits -one year is was crazy toreador suits, last year is was  jeans and striped shirts). The band is super tight and Kid really seems to function more as a channel or conduit through which the great Rockin’ Roll Spirit of the Universe transmits -if you need a Rockin’ Roll injection, this is your chance! I’ve posted one of his youtube videos below…

Here are some of the SXSW shows he’s playing:

Friday at 2pm @ Side Bar

Friday 4:30 @ Jackalope

Saturday 12am @ Maggie Mae’s