The Oprah/Chopra 21-Day Perfect Health/Meditation Challange!

I would usually scoff at something so “mainstream”. But, I’m turning over a new leaf!

I once read an interview with Stephen Colbert where he said that he runs his whole life with the improv comedy motto of “yes, and…” and that all the wild things he’s done with the Colbert Show have been the result of always saying “yes”. So, no more Mr. Curmudgeon! An Oprah/Chopra Free guided meditation? “Yes!”

Oprah and Deepak have been sharing Ayurveda for some time now, but I’m telling you: Ayurveda is hitting the Big Time! And why not? I’ve been in love with it ever since the first time I read about it on the back of a box of Maharishi Ayurved Vata Tea. I studied with KP Khalsa during my undergrad education at Bastyr University and then also at Kripalu, where I earned my Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant certification (you can link to my Ayurvedic practice website here). I’m very grateful for my opportunity to learn Chinese Medicine, but Ayurveda is truly my first love. I can’t wait until I can return to my studies after graduation from AOMA!

So back to Oprah/Chopra! Just today I was thinking I needed to jump on a group “challenge” of some sort to do some metaphorical “spring cleaning” and re-setting and then my dear friend Drea posted about this on Facebook!

I love the idea of being in community with thousands of people all over the country and the world and, I have to say, I really appreciate the good work that Ms. O has done to bring formerly “alternative” health and spiritual practices to the masses. (This is, btw, the reason that the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) fundamentalist Christians have called her a “precursor of the Antichrist” -yikes!) While this kind of name calling is a little out-of-hand, it shows how powerful Oprah is -and I’m glad she’s using her power for good!

So check it out here and maybe you’ll be inspired to join up as well!




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