Spring Has Sprung! Nurturing the Wood Element

cc by-nc-nd Bruno Monginoux www.photo-paysage.com & www.landscape-photo.net
Timely advice from the Nei Jing, translated by the incomparable Dr. Edward Neal:
“The three months of springtime are called ‘emerge and display’ (春三月此謂發陳). All things between heaven and earth begin their existence (天地俱生). The ten thousand things display their glory (萬物以榮). Retire when the night comes and arise early in the morning (夜臥早起). Stroll around the courtyard with long steps (廣步於庭). Loosen the hair and relax the body to align the will with what is newly emerging (被髮緩形以使志生). Support life, refrain from killing (生而勿殺). Be gentle and do not force your way (予而勿奪). Act with benevolence, do not bring accusations (賞而勿罰). In this way live in accordance with the qi (of Spring) (此春氣之應). This is the way of nourishing life (養生之道也). If one goes against (these principles) the liver will be harmed (逆之則傷肝). In summer there will be cold and the ability of things to grow is diminished (夏為寒變奉長者少).”

Suwen, Chapter 2
Siqi Tiaoshen Lun
‘Great Treatise on the Four Seasons and the Regulation of Shen (神)’

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